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KKR Hai Taiyaar! Kolkata Knight Riders KKR IPL 2019 Theme Song Music Ringtone – KKR Official Anthem Lyrics MP3 Video HD Online

KKR hai taiyaar! Anthem Kolkata Knight Riders IPL 2019 Theme Song Music Ringtone with Lyrics MP3 Video HD Watch Online

It’s so early in this year but Cricketing season is going to started in India from March 23 with the new season of VIVO IPL 2019, also can say Season 12 of Indian Premier League. Like always, there are 8 teams participating in the tournament. Those teams have Famous and Top Performing cricketers from all around the World. This is the tradition of each IPL season that Every IPL team comes up with their Official Anthem IPL Theme Song, before the tournament starts. These IPL 2019 theme songs play an important rule in the journey of IPL. So, Kolkata Knight Riders has also launched their Official theme song KKR hai taiyaar! in a revised mode.

As #KorboLorboJeetboRe is already the Campaign Song in #VivoIPL for Team Kolkata Knight Riders since the start of the journey of IPL. This time, In VIVO IPL 2019, It has been revised again in a new look with new lyrics to cheer up the team in the whole season.

‘KKR hai taiyaar’ theme song shows the background of Kolkata culture, Fans Dancing, the yellow Taxi & Street attraction with true cricketing spirit for T20 Cricket.  Hence, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) has promoted and launched their IPL Theme Song or can say KKR Anthem Song on different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. This Knights KKR hai taiyaar theme anthem will also be advertised during all 14 matches of Kolkata Knight Riders on Star Sports Network as well as other broadcasters of IPL 2019. Kolkata Knight Riders Owner Shahrukh Khan himself Features in the song and has sung the song, which is an active owner for the KKR since the IPL has started.

Kolkata Knight Riders IPL 2019 Theme Song Anthem Ringtone Lyrics with Full Video

Here’s the Kolkata Knight Riders’ #VivoIPL2019 Campaign Song, for our Knights Family! 👇

KKR hai Taiyaar!


The KKR Anthem Song title name is KKR hai taiyaar, Created by popular DDB Mudra Group and sung by the Bolyywood King “Shahrukh Khan” himself. which defines the Purple and Golden theme and the dancing step of fist bump of the Kolkata Knight Riders Team. The KKR fans have loved the anthem song, so for all of you, we are providing you here Kolkata Knight Riders Lyrics, Video, Mp3 for free Download.

KKR hai taiyaar Kolkata Knight Riders Theme Song - IPL 2019 KKR Anthem

KKR hai taiyaar Kolkata Knight Riders Theme Song – IPL 2019 KKR Anthem

So here you can listen and watch online to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) theme anthem song for IPL 2019. It is also available to download on different websites.

Kolkata Knight Riders Theme Song VIVO IPL 2019 – KKR Anthem Full Lyrics

The Purple & Golden squad from the City of Kolkata, Knights have released a glimpse of their valour in their Purple and Golden team campaign for 2019.

The Kolkata Knight Riders campaign video beautifully displays the sentiments of the players as well as the franchise by bringing out the essence of discovering potential and championing dreams. The franchisee has shared the “war cry” of IPL’s Kolkata warriors on its official twitter handle.

The Knights launched campaign clearly brings out the message that the players want to convey to their communities and societies that they are prepared and ready to fight in the battle of their arena ‘ Eden Gardens ‘ . The message that the players belong to their roots (the lanes in which they began playing cricket) even if they represent their countries today – is the Knights theme this year. The conceptualization and creation of this campaign has been done by award-winning integrated creative agency DDB Mudra Group.

Here’s the KKR hai taiyaar Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) theme song lyrics like;

korbo lorbo jeetbo re
korbo lorbo re
bhid jane ki himmat hai taiyaar

kkr hai taiyaar
kkr hai taiyaar

purple fever
jersey ke number
hero ke tewar bole
ki re mujli

cham chikkir chaal chala kr shikari hai taiyaar
hum dikjhte to gyarah hai
par crore hai taiyaar
chal sambhal ke nikal
aage hmara jo kal hai taiyaar
udte baaz ki nazar bemisal ye hunar
hai taiyaar
chad hai taiyaar
hai taiyaar kkr
hai taiyaar kkr
ab aar ho ya paar hai taiyaar kkr

kkr hai taiyaar

Kolkata Knight Riders…

KKR hai taiyaar!

“KKR has always prided itself on being more than just a team. KKR is an attitude. And you see this attitude in every aspect of their game; be it the auction, the training, the selection, the strategy, the execution of it, their victories and even their losses. Which is why, the KKR fan base spills far and wide outside of Kolkata. Because while Kolkata maybe in the name, the spirit of the Knight Riders is something everyone relates to. It’s this very spirit and attitude that we’ve captured in the work and in our call to arms #KKRHaiTaiyaar.”said the creator Rahul Mathew, National Creative Director, DDB Mudra Group. 

Kolkata Knight Riders Theme Song IPL – KKR Official Anthem song VIVO IPL 2018 Video Watch Online

Thanks for watching KKR KKR hai taiyaar Theme song. Share this KKR Official Anthem song 2019, if you are a true fan of IPL 2019 or Kolkata Knight Riders team.

Kolkata Knight Riders KKR Official Anthem 2019 Images, Pictures


Note: All images are taken from Kolkata Knight Riders Official Anthem 2019 song. All credits goes to them. We’re highlighting some of beautiful pics from there. We’re not the Official Partner or Sponsor of Kolkata Knight Riders.

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KKR Hai Taiyaar! Kolkata Knight Riders KKR IPL 2019 Theme Song Music Ringtone – KKR Official Anthem Lyrics MP3 Video HD Online
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